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Group Company introduction
Hunan Mingrui Xiangsheng Trading Co. , Ltd. , headquarter in Changsha, Hunan, has industrial raw materials business department, food raw materials business department, Import and export business department, Hunan Mingrui bulk raw materials Supply Co. , Ltd. , Wuhan Mingrui Xingsheng Raw Materials Co. , Ltd. , nanchang Mingrui Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Mingrui (Hong Kong) International Development Co. , Ltd. , Hunan Pengrui Technology Co. , Ltd. . The company has large warehouses in Wuhan, Changsha, Shaoyang, Hengyang and Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, with more than 500 items in stock and over 7,000 tons in stock, business radiation to the country, vehicle straight hair, retail can be flexible, business scope covers environmental protection, food, feed, daily chemical, mineral processing, washing, medicine, plastic, electroplating, aquaculture and other industries. My company distribution agent domestic numerous well-known brands, adequate supply, QUALITY ASSURANCE, price concessions! ! Our Business Philosophy “To be a person in advance, integrity management, to create value for customers, win-win cooperation!”Look forward to working together with you to create brilliant! !

  Hunan Mingrui Xiangsheng Trading Co. , Ltd. is a large chemical raw material trading company invested by Changsha Mingrui Chemical Co. , Ltd. in the Wantian Chemical Market of Changsha City in response to the Changsha government’s policy of centralizing the chemical market, main Business: food raw materials, feed raw materials, industrial chemical raw materials and chemical raw materials import and export business. Is the West Wang, bin Hua, Yihai Kerry, Yingxuan, Jin Yuyuan, Juhua, double ring, Haihua, petrochina, East Sichuan, Xingfa, Dow, BASF, Ham, Indonesian Sven, East Cao, SK and other international well-known manufacturers in central China an important partner, in central China to establish a large distribution network, a full range of companies, affordable prices, to serve our customers.



Mingrui (HK) International Development Co. , Ltd is a subsidiary of Hunan Mingrui Xiangsheng Trading Co. , Ltd, which invested in Hong Kong on June 11,2019. The company and its Chinese counterparts complement each other to promote Mingrui Group’s international trade in chemicals.


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